OnePlus 9 \u0026 9 Pro REVIEW
Oppo Find X3 Pro Review - wait WHAT!?
A Fascinating Smartphone Gadget.
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Can you ACTUALLY trust Mrwhosetheboss?
Why does nobody buy LG Smartphones?
What you didn't know about Xiaomi.
PrieŇ° 2 mńónesius
I bought the strangest smartphones ever.
Galaxy S21 Ultra - Exynos vs Snapdragon.
DON'T buy this Smartphone.
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The Truth about Xiaomi "Air Charging"
Xiaomi Mi 11 Unboxing \u0026 Review.
Beware of Fake Reviewers! ‚ö†ÔłŹ
What happened to Beats by Dre?
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GachaIsOverratedAndUnCreative its disgusting
GachaIsOverratedAndUnCreative its disgusting PrieŇ° 3 val
That one pixel SCP 096's only equal
philip PrieŇ° 3 val
Weakling die all the time, so what
Vinod Menon
Vinod Menon PrieŇ° 3 val
To be honest the video went too fast for us to really make sense of what excatly these gadgets were and if they would be worth a purchase
Poke Fin
Poke Fin PrieŇ° 3 val
Xbox 360
KO NAING PrieŇ° 3 val
No more china products ūüėÖ
Sceptical PrieŇ° 3 val
At the end, so your telling me I can write a 30 page essay for a name and get a free website... Edit:My fingers are ded but I have a website...
LordKyle - Object Stories, object shows and More!
LordKyle - Object Stories, object shows and More! PrieŇ° 3 val
*There's an Instagram story that kills your phone* Me, an 8yo who isn't allowed to use Instagram: *Good for me!*
Greedisgood PrieŇ° 3 val
Beats commercial: Me, with my sennheiser: nah
GrEeN MoNsTeR PrieŇ° 3 val
Watching this video on a potato phone
CreativeCraft -
CreativeCraft - PrieŇ° 3 val
in the thumbnail it said 5 factorial so you have to do 120 facts
PAF BEAST PrieŇ° 3 val
i want that someone should interview him plzūü§Ďūüėā
Nora Simonson
Nora Simonson PrieŇ° 3 val
Welcome to the idea called made up ecofriendly bullshit. I POINT TO PAPER STRAWS AS MY MAIN EXAMPLE!
juan PrieŇ° 3 val
what if he drops the phones unboxing them like that
Jordan Green
Jordan Green PrieŇ° 3 val
The Wii U needed to walk so the Switch could run
Strqwbqrry Playz
Strqwbqrry Playz PrieŇ° 3 val
Milo moyong
Milo moyong PrieŇ° 3 val
I like your video verry much..thanks for this kind of great videos mrwhosethebossūüėćūüėÖūüôŹ
Seltfe PrieŇ° 3 val
"if you have a fast charger, leave it alone" me: lol its soooo simple if you have a fast charger *Chargers phone and sits down* me: aight just gonna sit here 30 second later *using my phone while charging*
Om Sharma
Om Sharma PrieŇ° 3 val
The most incredible boring, *clickbait* EVER!
Lambda PrieŇ° 3 val
Shravan M
Shravan M PrieŇ° 3 val
If powerful chips require more space then how does the 12 mini have a powerful one??
Almubarak Zaky
Almubarak Zaky PrieŇ° 3 val
Not bad
crystalh618 PrieŇ° 3 val
i was so scared becues the nuke
[REDACTED] PrieŇ° 4 val
bh dear
K N I G H T PrieŇ° 4 val
7G : Birds Vanish
Kagan Soylu
Kagan Soylu PrieŇ° 4 val
3 Rules i follow when i try to inform my self trough LTpost reviews: 1.Rule) The Reviewer needs to have the phone in its hands. 2.Rule) I need to see the Face of the Reviewer, not only for sympathie but for extra video quality, it takes so much more effort to set up different camera angles and do everything properly so i know he atleast knows a little about the stuff he is talking about. 3.Rule) There needs to be something bad about the product he is Reviewing, a little downside the person doesnt like personaly so i know he even used that thing in their hands. Didnt dissapoint me yet maybe there is something you guys got to add to my list. And iam not fan boxing or something like that, I just found this channel and I felt like giving my personal advice.
Goose PrieŇ° 4 val
I forgot for a sec that standard phones are $1000+
Oh Asis
Oh Asis PrieŇ° 4 val
I'd be quite happy to pay a premium to get things like a reliable, wired charger, a replaceable battery etc. Let's face it, all these "innovations" are simply marketing spin, merely another means to jack more out of the revenue stream than it is to provide for you.
patpatboy2 PrieŇ° 4 val
itunes never allowed users to buy their music. If you read the terms & conditions, when you "buy" a song, you actually rent it until you die. Unlike physical media, it is against apple's terms & conditions to give your music collection to your descendants after your death.
Miranda Wrights
Miranda Wrights PrieŇ° 4 val
Greed, yet another ploy to make more money.
Aimal & Ahmad
Aimal & Ahmad PrieŇ° 4 val
I have 99% battery ūüėĀ
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi PrieŇ° 4 val
Uff .. yes cyberpunk. That shit deserved no. 1 place. So much false advertising.
Ghouil Trooper
Ghouil Trooper PrieŇ° 4 val
My first ever phone was the LG k30 lol
Fell0wD3GEN3RATE PrieŇ° 4 val
apple no charger : eco friendly also apple: sorry we cannot fix your phone please buy again.
Ramy Awad
Ramy Awad PrieŇ° 4 val
Can u show us a image quality next time of the pictures you took...?
You lookalikes pakistaniūü§Ē
GearheadGames PrieŇ° 4 val
The knockoff Beats sound like $15 headphones with shit build quality. So, just like the real thing. Gotcha.
Enzo Zambrotti
Enzo Zambrotti PrieŇ° 4 val
Dude, imagine being the guy that took this beautiful photo just for your phone to off himself if you try to put it as a background. Feel kinda bad for him. All because of 1 pixel.
Hannah Walker
Hannah Walker PrieŇ° 4 val
The proud love assembly concern because lily optically print regarding a grandiose yoke. brown, handsaw
Jay Koerner
Jay Koerner PrieŇ° 4 val
Bought by apple and disassembled, answered your question
Jeff W
Jeff W PrieŇ° 4 val
I don't think so. Xiaomi needs to have a military department to even stand a chance ūüėĄ
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi PrieŇ° 4 val
Oh boy... if Ouya is in 13, then I wonder what top 10 is holding.
Alex James
Alex James PrieŇ° 4 val
Meeting G4cracks on IG it's a great privilege working with you
FANIMEZ PrieŇ° 4 val
After seeing the review Hawaii mate 35 is better than my real phone ūüėā
Bl1tz PrieŇ° 4 val
I mean honestly 5g would make the internet of things far more potent, potentially creating a social credit system as a result of a clearly increasingly more imposing government lusting for more power at the benefit of particulalry large corporations.
UnlishedTen8 PrieŇ° 4 val
I seriously wish this came out last month before I bought my OnePlus 8T
MG Nate
MG Nate PrieŇ° 4 val
3:26 I don't know if I would buy that phone or not
DSM jUhnky
DSM jUhnky PrieŇ° 4 val
Xiaomi is onto something with the small screen on the back... Helping use the main cameras for selfies/vlogging. Atleast it wouldn't be awkward anymore, you'd be able to see if you got a good shot of yourself. If they focused on that new feature and a better price point vs S21 they'll do great in the market.
Anonymous Blyden Jr
Anonymous Blyden Jr PrieŇ° 4 val
Idc what them phones can do. What was you recording on in the beginning of the video
Avinesh PrieŇ° 4 val
This is basically apple being honest
Jamie SUTCLIFFE PrieŇ° 4 val
7G - 16k, kill people and you go to jail because its so realistic like its in real life
JavaJackB PrieŇ° 4 val
Jesus Castro
Jesus Castro PrieŇ° 4 val
I want it ūüėąūüėąūüėąūüėą
Let's fantasy
Let's fantasy PrieŇ° 4 val
No we just hit 7 mil
Johnn_110 PrieŇ° 4 val
Lol, iPhone is gonna get left behind, and idk y they r so popular.
Isaiah Dyer
Isaiah Dyer PrieŇ° 4 val
The devilish pumpkin anaerobically request because crab regrettably label towards a possessive breath. numerous, hallowed karen
Club 6
Club 6 PrieŇ° 4 val
The developer is a genius ūüėÖ
DJC Reptiles
DJC Reptiles PrieŇ° 4 val
If there are people stupid enough to buy these, let people buy them. It‚Äôs the same principle as placebos. If it makes people feel ‚Äúsafer‚ÄĚ I don‚Äôt care, even if they are wasting a lot of money (they are still obviously idiots for buying these type of products though).
[email protected] PrieŇ° 4 val
Despite the economic crisis, this is still the good time to invest in Stocks, Gold and Crypto.
Stacy Roberts
Stacy Roberts PrieŇ° 3 val
@Mary Wallace Investing in this economic crisis will be one of the best things to do.
Mary Wallace
Mary Wallace PrieŇ° 4 val
You are right I think Crypto and Stock are the best to invest on right now
Ann Braxton
Ann Braxton PrieŇ° 4 val
Since Bitcoin could to 60k so quickly then 150k ending of this year is very possible
Williams Jake
Williams Jake PrieŇ° 4 val
The rich spend less and invest more
Caloy eh!
Caloy eh! PrieŇ° 4 val
If I can afford this phone. I'll be using the camera for video making. BUT I JUST CAN'T AFFORD IT.
Step-On Curry
Step-On Curry PrieŇ° 4 val
This phone is better than my 4 year old ASUS Vivobook..
Caz Bro
Caz Bro PrieŇ° 4 val
Your a great youtuber :D
Rino R George
Rino R George PrieŇ° 4 val
What about fly iq 4516
Ryan Lennox-Bradley
Ryan Lennox-Bradley PrieŇ° 4 val
Thank you for your ladder to get me into your walled garden Apple. I switched to mac and iPhone and soon watch & AirPods Also switching to Apple Music for Shazam integration and lossless audio Planning to switch to home pod and HomeKit devices as well
Nilesh Rana
Nilesh Rana PrieŇ° 4 val
Put a good skin on back and*boom*
galaxy unicorn
galaxy unicorn PrieŇ° 4 val
Lol "a couple of years to stop giving cases" the Samsung a52 has no case or earphones
Amy Mouse playz Roblox YT
Amy Mouse playz Roblox YT PrieŇ° 4 val
OOoOOOooOOooooO so this is the guy who my dad keeps on watching lol
KismuBeats PrieŇ° 4 val
ūü§ģ iphone ūüėĽ
SYCORAX PrieŇ° 4 val
I'm not grown up,I'm not grown up man I remember that song back when I was a kid lol
The Filipino Traveller
The Filipino Traveller PrieŇ° 4 val
bruh i just downloaded one of these games uh oh
rock thompson
rock thompson PrieŇ° 4 val
well you see Apple made something new.
Manuel Aguilar Munoz Jr.
Manuel Aguilar Munoz Jr. PrieŇ° 4 val
This video just proves android is better
Hans Rivera
Hans Rivera PrieŇ° 4 val
nah i like the no phone air better
Heart Tea
Heart Tea PrieŇ° 4 val
The cat is too cute! ūüėć ūüźĪ
Ray Forrester
Ray Forrester PrieŇ° 4 val
LORD OF THE boRING PrieŇ° 4 val
I didn't know malware is more dangerous than corona virus
Emperor-X ÁöጳĚ-X
Emperor-X ÁöጳĚ-X PrieŇ° 4 val
Geez that’s all I can say YOU SMASHED ITS!!
Graciela Bailey
Graciela Bailey PrieŇ° 4 val
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lone ice
lone ice PrieŇ° 4 val
One bad thing about this phone You will lose it 1 second after buying it cause it is transparent